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Volume 1

Bishop T. D. Jakes

“The Pride of Life” — AZUSA 2000

Bishop T. D. Jakes returned to the AZUSA stage, which changed his life seven years prior, for the final time in 2000, preaching a message that detailed his first visit to AZUSA and everything that happened to his life and ministry as a result. “The Pride of Life,” preached at AZUSA 2000, was more of a testimony than an actual sermon, and a culmination of two now-famous words that were preached seven years earlier: “Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!”

Archbishop Veron Ashe

“The Heritage of Jacob” — AZUSA 2000

Archbishop Veron Ashe preached at AZUSA for the first time in 2000 and would be part of every AZUSA since, immediately becoming one of the conference favorites. An archbishop in the Syrian Orthodox Church who grew up Pentecostal, Bishop Ashe had a unique blend of tradition, an historical understanding of scripture, along with the spirit-filled expression of the Black Pentecostal Church, making him an extremely sought after speaker across a wide variety of platforms. Bishop Ashe’s death in 2014 both shocked and saddened many around the world. Through his various AZUSA messages, new people discover Bishop Ashe’s ministry every single day.

Dr. Myles Munroe

“The Purpose and Vision” — AZUSA ‘91

Aired one day delayed worldwide on Trinity Broadcasting Network, Dr. Myles Munroe, pastor of Bahamas Faith Ministries, International in Nassau, Bahamas, follows up his remarkable AZUSA ’90 debut with a sequel of sorts in 1991 entitled “The Purpose and Vision,” further expounding the previous year’s groundbreaking message on purpose and taking it even further and deeper.

Joyce Meyer

“Moses Is Dead” — AZUSA ’93

Already well known to women across America through her daily radio program, Joyce Meyer preached to her largest crowd at that time in a morning service at AZUSA ’93. That message also became her first national television exposure when Bishop Carlton Pearson aired highlights from AZUSA ’93 on his television program for several consecutive weeks. Shortly thereafter, when it came time for Joyce to create her own national television program, her first programs were edited at Carlton’s church, Higher Dimensions Family Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dr. Jackie McCullough

“A Message to the Heart” — AZUSA ’94 

Dr. Jacqueline E. McCullough, better known as Jackie McCullough, made her AZUSA debut as the Tuesday night speaker at AZUSA ’94 and instantly became a conference favorite with her message, “A Message to the Heart,” that challenges believers to a life of holiness, integrity and authenticity.

Pastor Michael Pitts

“The Heaven and Earth Agreement” — AZUSA 2001

One of the most profound messages ever preached was delivered by Pastor Michael Pitts of Cornerstone Church in Toledo, Ohio, at AZUSA 2001. “The Heaven and Earth Agreement” is a history lesson, a spiritual instruction and a walk through the Bible, practically from cover to cover. Though only part of the AZUSA platform its final six years, Michael Pitts became one of its most prolific speakers in a short period of time. Though always excellent, this is Michael at his best.